Lightscribe not printing pictures

I am using Lightscribe software, Nero Cover Designer ver
and have Asus drw 1814BL dvd recorder drive internal
All installed well
Will print onto verbatim lightscribe disc, will print text, small objects created in cover designer and that is about it.
It will not print pictures, i have tried differect formats, jpeg, giff, png, etc as suggested accepted formats.
When click on to print the design onto disc, it will prepare the disc, then it will say printing done successful, take out the disk and there is nothing on it.
It will not print pictures.
I have tried another recorder, same brand and model, same thing, so it is not the recorder itself.
Something to do with software.
Please help, appriciate solutions. A friend has exactly the same software and recoder drive and it is all working.
Thankyou :slight_smile:

I just bought an HP 1040 drive and have the same problem printing pictures on my disks (TDK Lightscribe DVD+R).

I’ll post a solution if I find one…hope you’ll do the same.

Go to and down load the thier trial version software. I had this same problem when I purchased my LG drive and with the LightSribe software straight from them works wonders. Cheap too. I think you will like it.

Okay, thanks.

I went to and downloaded the free LightScribe Simple Labeler. It doesn’t do much, but at least now I know my DVD drive will make labels.

Now I need to find a good labelling program…still don’t know why Nero 7 Essentials that came with the drive didn’t work…maybe I just need to read the directions (I hate doing that).