Lightscribe normal media

I’m a bit uncertain as to where this post should be posted, but hope this area is fine for it.

Anyways, I was wondering about LightScribing to normal media (as in non-lightscribable cd/dvd’s… How would this affect the burner and the media? And, has anybody tried it? (Yes, this question implies I don’t really know how the lightsribe surface is and it’s true, totally clueless there).


As far as i know LS media has code on the disc to show the drive it’s LS media. So i’d say no.

a non ls disc is not found by the system when upside down, ls disc has id info on the hub area.

The LS has no effect on media or burning process, the burning files and LS files are occupying two different segments of the media.

Ah, okay, thanks Rolling and wrench, good to know

I would have a question that would somehow connect here, so I thought I won’t start a new topic (it’s about LS media and LS working method).

I’ve heard that if I think the picture is not dark enough (the one I’ve just made with lightscribe) then all I have to do is put it back and burn it again, since it will start from the same spot it started before.

Then again I’ve saw a rotated second burn already, so I would like to get to know if I put it back then “it starts on the same spot” means there’s some code on it that tells the burner to start ALWAYS from that certain spot nomatter in which position I put it in or if I put it back (second, third etc…time )I have to pay attention how it was in it (therefore it’s better if I don’t even take it out I just make a second burn knowing it won’t be dark enough with the first one)? How does this work now? Please help.

Yes it knows where to start even if you take the disc out. You must use the same template you used on it the first time though. I save my templates if i’m going to re-run it at a later day or time.

Does that help?

Yes, Thank you! :slight_smile: :flower:

Good thing I’ve saved my template (I was too afraid of damaging my already done picture so I didn’t try putting it back, but I thought it might come in handy if i have it.).

You could make another template as long as you use the same type (style and size) on it like you made the first one i believe. It would have to be exactly the same as the first one.