LightScribe multiple burns, same disk

I am planning to develop a system where I may need to add more and more information at the (LightScribe) label on the same disk.

Think about a multi-session CD, where daily or weekly new files or backups are done, and its title, code, date, whatever extra information should be added to the CD label.

I already read at some forums that people are actually doing multiple writings (lightscribe is it) to the CD/DVD label. Some say it works, others say it works with bad results.

It seems that the lightscribe inner ring marks allow the disk + drive to synchronize exactly and do extra burns precisely positioned in reference to the previous ones, like if the inner ring optical marks are some kind of index mark for the burner telling it when it is zero degree of rotation or something like that.

What you all have to comment about it?

Thank you.

It works, but not well enough that I’d really recommend it. I had a time or two that the burn failed partway through, and I just reran the job. But you can definetly see the overlap. All I can say is try it and see how it works for you.