Lightscribe multi pass problem

hey guys, I’ve recently tried out my lightscribe dvd burner and of course, contrast is poor. I’ve used that HP utilty thing to helps.

One method I’ve been having trouble on is multiple burnings of the same image on the same disc. When I do this, they are not realigned. I’ll show you what I mean:

This is my testing disc. See how the ones and twos are not aligned. However I’ve actually managed to get it aligned once, and its the darker “title” and “artist.” But I don’t know exactly how I was able to do that lol.

I use Surething 4 SE(the free one) for my lightscribe burning. I’m using HP CD-R Lightscribe discs with something of version 1.2 dye.

Basically, how do I get my burner to “remember” how to exactly burn the image everytime? I do “save” my designs in surething. Or is it I need to save and load templates of my designs?

Have you updated your firmware for your drive? This may help. It has to do with the drive and such, is your driver up to date?

Yes. I have a Samsung DVD writer, and on the CD it came with “live update” firmware software. It searches online for the most recent firmware. I used it so I should have the latest firmware avaliable for my samsung driver.

What are the “steps” I need to take for multi passing with surething? I look online and such all they say is lightscribe can remember how to reburn an image and such.

Which Samsung burner do you have? I have the SE-W164L and for some unknown reason when I ran LiveUpdate, it downloaded the wrong firmware version. You should check the FW version you have installed vs. the what is supposed to be installed.

thanks for response

I got the Samsung SH-S162L with firmware update TS06

Its a great burner. I personally think I’m doing my lightscribing wrong or something and not blaming the drive. I’m just wondering if there are particular steps I need to take with surething to allow “reburning” of the same image.

And another tid bit, on the test disc I burnt up there, the darker “title” and “artist” is the one I was actually able to burn it over twice, giving it a darker appearance. After the first burn, I took out the disc, spun it around my finger, flipped it in the air (lol) in try to “randomize” the position of the CD when I put it back in to see if not moving it reallt mattered. But it still burned right over it like its suppose too. The large “1” I didn’t move at all, after it ejected, i pushed the tray back in for the second burn.

Go to


Once you have done that you should have no problems with the lightscribe software and it should allow you to burn darker images without having to do 2 burns.

Ok, I’ve had a problem before dealing with this kind of stuff. But the thing is that the disc rotated everything into proportion. On your disc, you have shifts that go straight across the disc to right beside the disc (are you sure you didn’t shift the text on your burning program). But what should happen, is that everything should align perfectly fine but I’ve experienced a problem with some media and just got some more and it fixed it. But first I’d get the update like Dismembered Ninja said and then also get the contrast utility off of Then try and get more media.