Lightscribe Media



LightScribe is a technology that utilizes specially coated recordable CD and DVD media to produce laser etched labels. LightScribe was invented by Hewlett-Packard and has been licensed to many other hardware manufacturers, media manufacturers and software developers.

The surface of a LightScribe disc is coated with a reactive dye that changes color when it absorbs 780nm infrared laser light. The etched label lasts approximately 9 months under indoor lighting without fading. Currently LightScribe is monochromatic.

Recently, version of Nero Burning ROM introduced support for LightScribe.

The list of manufacturers of LightScribe compatible drives and LightScribe media is frequently expanding.


LightSabers are a technology that utilizes specially generated special effects and actors to produce laser like sword effect for movies. LightSabers were invented by George Lucas and have not been licensed to any other movie franchise.

The surface of a LightSaber is glowing with light that changes color when it is near someone with the force. The cuts from them last forever. Currently LightSabers are only avbailable in three colours, red, green and the rarely seen purple.

Recently, eipisode 3 of Star Wars introduced a purple LightSaber.

The list of manufacturers of LightSabers is non-existant.

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