Lightscribe Media Colors

Hey what’s up everyone, I am trying to find somewhere to buy lightscribe cd-r media, but only in one color preferably blue or red. I live in Michigan, USA.

Everything i’ve ran into that is colored is multi color sets, which i do not want.



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I can honestly say I’ve not seen any packs that are all one colour (except for the basic goldy one).

The colour packs I’ve seen have all been a mixture.

Since you’re in the US, have you checked to see if they have anything different?

I have, they are all assorted packs :confused:

I have found no luck so instead I order Imation AquaGuard disk and print with color printer. I learned of it here and can be bought from PC Connection or Amazon I think. Much improved water resisting over old coatings. It is the best coating I have seen at all!

I try LightScribe brownish original and had to burn multiple times to make it dark enough to read. I learn of that here too. Searching is very helpful.

Good luck to you