LightScribe - LiteOn - Roxio -> Full Coverage Question

I have a new LiteOn DVD burner, new Roxio EMC 9.0 software and am trying to burn LightScribe labels on CD’s.

The software will allow me to burn labels but not full coverage. I only have access to a small donut of space, between the blue lines on the attached image, along the circumference of the CD.

See attached pictures.

Any help would be appreciated to access full coverage for the LightScribe process.

Do I have a drive problem, software problem, or driver problem? I have the latest software/updates from Roxio and LightScribe. Am running Windows XP on an Asus MB computer.

I Use SURETHING 5 this lets me use a picture for full face coverage. Some programs only let you use what graphics they have with in the program or just plain text…This sucks! so i downloaded a 15 day trial HERE check it out i ened up buying it :cool:

Welcome to CDF’s

I have v.5xx Surething also. There is a link here somewhere that is v.4xx but it’s a free full version. Try a search.

Yep, I’ve used SureThing 4 also, and am about to buy v5.

Guess I like it because it’s fairly simple to use, and you get all the coverage you need.

Unfortunately I’ve never used Roxio for this, so can’t be of much help there.

Thanks for the welcome and for pointing me towards the SureThing labeling software. I found the link to version 4, after installation I burned a couple of labels and concluded the drive and the installation were fine and functional.

The end result shows the problem was the Roxio software, no surprise there.

I will purchase the version 5 of the SureThing software.

Again, thanks for the help. Problem resolved.

Good to hear SureThing works for you :slight_smile: :clap:

I bought v5 before i saw your post for the link to v4 for free :o but i’m glad i have v5 :slight_smile:

yeah v5 is alot better i think