Lightscribe (LG GSA-H55L)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GSA-H55L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I feel like the stupidest man in th e world. For x-mas I bought myself a lightscribe burner and still cannot get it to work properly. I have downloaded xpcodecs and divxtodvd to try and get it to work to no avail. I can burn a DVD but it will only play on my PC. I have tried 5 other dvd players and all I get is a menu and sometimes audio. The software that came with it sucks and is very slow, PowerDVD and Powerproducer. I also have Nero7 with all the updates which seems to work the best but still will not play on other devices. Honest guys, am I just an idiot or is there an easy fix for this. I can copy a DVD from a DVD no problem, but from online is where my problems begin. Please help!!!

If I may, I would suggest you go to,
go to the software download page and get the FREE software that
they have to offer.
It is free, no nag screens and very simple to use.
I too have Nero and Power DVD but Lightscribe is far easier to use.
It’s not the best software as far as designing your DVD/CD’s, but it
will give you a jump start so that you can use your other programs
as you get better at burning the labels.
I should also mention that Lightscibe software is used ONLY for burning
the lablels. Use your other program to do the audio/data/video
Hope this helps.


Thank you Dave, but I have tried all of this with no luck. Is it true that XPcodecs applied with another program will help? And if so what are they? I am ready to throw the whole thing out the window.


Welcome to CDF’s:

Could you tell us step by step or close to how you are trying to burn a LightScribe disc please. You are using special LS discs i guess?

You don’t need any codecs for LS. You do need the latest Software (LS app,Diagnostic app, and label maker) from LS’s website.

I don’t understabd your problem. What are you trying to do? and how ?

You are using special LS discs i guess?

Sorry I forgot to mention that in my post.
You do need to make sure you are using “Lightscribe” CD’s or DVD’s.
The lightscribe logo will be on the package.
You may also find it on the center of the CD or DVD you are trying
to scribe:bow:


Still audio screw ups. Is this from dowmloading movies online. They play perfect on my PC but will not burn with audio sycnh.