Lightscribe/Labelflash causes premature laser failure?

Now this is the issue that I never read anybody asking.
People generally accept the fact that the more frequent we use optical drive to read or write, the faster the laser becomes weak.
But has anybody thought of how lightscribe/labelflash can potentially cause this to happen sooner ?
Just imagine how the laser is working hard at much higher power for 30 minutes just to scribe the label image.
Is this a feature that actually (& hidingly) decreases the drive’s MTBF ?

Since these drives are in the $30 USD range for good ones, I guess I never worried much about it.


Q: Does the additional use of the laser in a LightScribe-enabled drive shorten its life?
A: Under typical labeling circumstances, there is no significant reduction in laser life. Based on typical use for both data and label sides of the disc, the laser life is well within the design specifications.

Nice catch!

Thanks. While searching for it, I also found this neat picture.