Lightscribe Issues

I love the idea of lightscribe, but the problems it brings are impressive. I first bought an OEM HP Lightscribe burner…it was crap and I trashed it. Then I bought a Retail HP DVD740B Lightscribe burner. It will burn DVD lightscribe just fine, but NOT CD. I’m wanting to update to some newer firmware. I’ve found some HJ24 firmware on the HP site, but that’s it. From what I’ve been reading this is an LG drive. It’s true model number is GCA-4166B. I’ve pulled down the 1.02 drivers for this to flash and reload the firmware but I keep getting the “Model Mismatch” error. Any help? Please??
Mercury :a

You have an OEM model and the LG firmware is not suitable for your drive.

Is there anything I can do to make my drive NOT a piece of crap? Possibley make it burn the CD lightscribes?

have you goe to to ensure you have the latest lightscribe HSI?

I didn’t even know that existed. Thanks. Only problem ios now that I’m getting an error as soon as I run the lates update. It says "STOP 3052: Unintialized Variable or Undefined Function.

I uploaded a screenie of the error when I’m trying to run the update.
Any ideas?

Lightscribe is supported by [B]Windows 2000[/B] and [B]Windows XP[/B].

From the looks of that screenshot, it appears that you are running neither.
Looks like you are running the Windows 9x Series.

If you are running an older Operating System you may have to upgrade it or forego the Lightscribe option.

All of my computers run XP Pro.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the Nero Info that was pulled from my machine in hopes someone may notice the problem.