LightScribe Issue

We are currently using a Stand-Alone duplicator with LightScribe, 7 DVD’s and a Controller. We currently don’t know how to get the light scribe working. Again this is a stand-alone duplicator. 8 DVD Drives (1 of them is just a reader) all of them have lightscribe and a controller. Please help.

When people report problems getting LightScribe to work with our LightScribe software, the most common cause is that they haven’t installed the LightScribe System Software. You can download it from the LightScribe website (it’s a free download).

Another thing to check is your version of Windows - LightScribe only works on XP and Vista.

If neither of those tips solve the problem, make sure your tower is hooked up correctly. If Windows Explorer doesn’t recognize the drives in your tower, you might not have hooked things up correctly.

Hope this gets you going.

What is the best way to connect a stand-alone duplicator to a PC? This is the controller we are using Athena

Standalone controllers do not support LightScribe labeling.

OK - sifting through 10,000 posts about lightscribe, but here’s another one - sorry.

Upgraded to Vista Home Premium from XP, and I have an HS-H182M with Lightscribe. The ODD worked great when I had XP, and now my lightscribe software (Nero 7 as well as Trial Sure Thing) won’t recognize that I have any Lightscribe drives at all. Yes, I downloaded and installed the Lightscribe system software as well as the firmware update for the ODD, but no such luck. This is driving me crazy!

The device manager shows a generic, Microsoft-signed driver for the ODD…any ideas?