Lightscribe issue with Nero 7

I’m posting this in a few differeny forums, hoping to get some help:

"I’ve seen this same problem with tons of different people all over the web on various forums, but none of the solutions mentioned seems to be working for me.

The problem is that Nero applications simply do not show lightscribe options at all if it thinks you do not have a lightscribe capable drive. For some reason, Nero continues to do this, even for some people who DO have lightscribe drives.

I’ve updated Nero, the lightscribe drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled Nero, checked every tutorial, FAQ, and guide I can find on both Nero and Lightscribe’s websites(as well as unofficial sites), exhausted every option I can find, and nothing has worked. I know my drive is fine, because it works flawlessly with the lightscribe simple labeler, as well as Roxio software.

Does anyone have a clue why Nero is so buggy with lightscribe, and what a possible REAL solution to the problem might be?"

As most here, I really have no idea what the problem might be. Two weeks have passed since your post, so maybe you have found a solution.
The only thing that I can suggest is to make sure it is not the known Roxio/Nero compatibility issue, although I have not heard of Lightscribe issues involved. Nero have published on their site a download for compatibility issues with Roxio: Roxio Udf Reader Control

Nero description:

"When you install EasyCD Creatorâ„¢, the Roxioâ„¢ UDF-Reader is installed as well. This driver could conflict with InCD 4 in that it prevents the user from getting full read-write access to InCD-formatted discs, only a read access is granted.

This conflict can be prevented by disabling the Roxioâ„¢ UDF-Reader.
This task has been made easy to achieve, thanks to this Roxioâ„¢ UDF-Reader Control tool."

download link:

Nero 6

Maybe it will help?

Let us know.