Lightscribe isnt working

I am using the smasung lightscribe drive, it goes through the whole process, and not a thing on the disc, totaly how i putr it in the drivew, needing help within 2 days, got a dvd i need to produce, cheers fellas,

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The advice I’m offering may not be needed…I have no way of knowing from the posting though, as the information that you’re providing is so sketchy.

First, be certain that you’re using a Lightscribe disc, not the inkjet printable variety. Second, be certain that you’re orienting the disc correctly. The label side has to be face down for Lightscribe to work.

Third…are you seeing the Lightscribe option on the label making software that you’re using? That option has to be selected to burn a Lightscribe label.

If your answer to all of the above is yes, the software may need to be reinstalled, or you may possibly have a bad drive.

or you may need to update the lightscribe system software. I had to do that with my 183L.

Media might be another culprit. I recommend Verbatim LS discs, or HP might work.