Lightscribe is dull

I’m disappointed with the “brightness” of the text and images that I’ve “burned” onto Lightscribe DVD’s and CD’s. The ads for Lightscribe show nice and bright brass looking images and text. All mine come out dull looking. I’ve tried different brands of discs, including HP brand, but they all are dull. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, or jts maybe the ads are misleading. Any suggestions from you folks would be appreciated.


They might look dull if you are just using a normal picture or photo on the media. All the colours will look a very similar shade of grey. Why not try converting your images to greyscale and uping the contrast of the image a bit

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

When mine come out dull, I’ll re-burn the label a second time to darken it up. Two burns on Best quality will do the trick for those really dark labels!

Medel514, How do you ensure that the two burnings are lined up to prevent a “blrred” or double looking image?

LightScribe will take care of that automatically (otherwise, it would be really difficult :bigsmile: ). :slight_smile:



how much should i up the contrast?

i think these look pretty nice, but i cant even get close to this quality on my lightscribed disk.


The comments I received have been useful, but the disks just don’t have that bright “brassy” look as seen on HP ads. Oh well!

It must be a matter of the picture quality (must be converted to grayscale) and push contrast up to reasonable.
I’am getting results that compare or surpase HP ads.
¿What about black text? ¿Is also dull? If after a second pass is dull, you should consider that your burning hardware is not working quite properly.