LightScribe - how to get started?

I’ve never used LightScribe. I know I have to get compliant media and a LightScribe capable burner, but how do I design and burn a label to the disc?
Do I use SureThing Labeler or can I do it with Nero?

you can use either surething or nero cover designer.

start by going to and downloading the latest drivers. they also have a link to surething if you don’t already have it.

after you install the lightscribe HSI, lightscribe functionality should be recognized by nero or surething.

for nero:
open nero cover designer and in the “new” menu select “lightscribe”

go ahead and create your design…this works as any normal image editor would. you can import images, create text boxes, etc

when you’re satisfied with your design, if using nero go to “FILE>Print Lightscribe Label” in this window you can choose the quality and the drive and monitor the progress bar.

(note, do not just go to file>print as this will just print the design through your regular paper printer. you must select file>print lightscirbe label)

the steps are simlar when you’re using surething as well.

in surething:

file>new. from teh window select “cd/DVD lightscribe”

design your label.

File>print (this is correct for surething) the print dialog will cmme up wher eyou can select the drive and quality of your label.

you can also obtain the Extended Contrast Label Utility from this increases the burn time of the lightscribe label but also increases the contrast resulting in a “better” label. expect “best” quality settings plus the ECLU enabled to take roughly 45 minutes or so per disc to create your label.

i hope my explanations were clear. at least this is a good start. maybe i can clean this up and add some screenshots. it would probably make a good sticky in this forum with a little cleaning up :slight_smile:

if you have any other questions then feel free to post back!

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Hehe, you know I was just teasing you ;)…that’s some really handy info you posted (hopefully my next drive will be an LS LiteOn).

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hey guys, check this out…complete with pictures…and fewer spelling mistakes :slight_smile:

Well, you have the drive already, so you can install the LS-driver and check whether Nero StartSmart gives you the option to “Print LightScribe Label” under Extras (that means the driver is installed correctly).

Don’t get your expectations up too high, especially with DVD’s. The result isn’t sharp and very few images/pictures lend themselves to this type of labeling. You need a high contrast (like black & white, without too much grey) image and large dark areas will show circles from the laser, so I prefer to print the “negative” image in that case. CD’s are sharper than DVD’s though.

You may also want to download the ELCU from the LS website (Extended Label Contrast Utility - same version no. as the driver needed) to avoid having to run the label through twice.

Finally, I find the the LS-surface tends to give off a powdery residue when touched with your fingers, so I started spraying them with a fixative (just like inkjet printed labels).

I’d also suggest downloading and installing the “Extended Label Contrast Utility”.

It definitely helps(although it slows the lightscribing down).

Cressida has already said that (altough it doesn’t hurt to point that out again).

I think that printing the same label twice is better than ELCU stuff. I get better results printing the label twice (at normal contrast) than once with ELCU. Anyway, the time needed is pretty much the same.

Finally, I find the the LS-surface tends to give off a powdery residue when touched with your fingers, so I started spraying them with a fixative (just like inkjet printed labels).

You are right about that, I noticed this, too.

A very nice guide on LightScribe technology, how to perform LightScribe labeling, which labeling software to use, the difference between contrast settings, and more has been written by miguel over at ExtremeMhz.

See the guide here:

Extreme Guide to LightScribe Labeling

Requirements & Software (page 2)

Performance (page 3)

Final Thoughts & Tips (page 4)

I agree, that’s a really nice guide. :clap:

Just a small update… I’m reading this on the final page:

“It is unclear whether we will see the Ver. 1.2 discs in the CDR variety anytime soon.”

Well, I’ve just bought three Verbatim CD-R LightScribe Ver. 1.2 discs a couple of days ago. :slight_smile:



'Tis a great guide, thanks for finding it, Drage :slight_smile:

As for the v1.2 discs - I just bought 10 Verbs as well, hehe.

I have a problem with Nero 7 not recognizing my HP Lightscribe Drive. I have installed the lastest driver update several times but it still does not give me the print Lightscribe label option.
I also tried to download the Extended Contrast file from but I keep getting page is not available.
I contacted Nero and they said 'yes it does support Lightscribe and to uninstall and reinstall Nero 7" which I did but still do not have that option.
It has a Lightscribe tab, but it does not recognize my HP Lightscribe drive.

What do you mean burn it twice? Won’t you get an error message and how will are you sure that it will burn over the same image?

I have been having a hard time figuring this lightscribe out. I finally decided to check here, and this thread sounds like its helpful.

However the stupid lightscribe website is no help. They tell you to download the software, yet apparently the software doesn’t exist, since it gives me a blank webpage when I click to download this file they have linked.

Apparently I can’t install lightscribe without it?

Just read you message after I posting mine. Apparently they don’t care to fix it, seeing that you posted yours weeks ago.

Does anyone here have this file we can download?

I have the exact same problem.

Try downloading and installing the previous version of LightScribe instead.

LightScribe System Software

Extended Label Contrast Utility

Thank you, however the reason I posted twice is because someone already asked about this problem here 3 weeks ago a no one replied, so I figured no one was reading this thread since its appears to be a sticky thread.

I sent Lightscribe an email regarding this and they responded fairly quickly and said that other people have complained that Nero 7 does not recognize their drive either and there is no fix for it.

I can use Sure Thing cd labeler which is a free download from the Lightscribe site so my OS DOES recognize the drive, so it’s not a problem with my computer it is a problem with Nero 7. I also have no problems with Nero 6 recongizing my Lightscribe drive, it’s a problem within Nero 7 but if you send Nero an email all they say is reinstall and use their clean uninstall tool to completely remove their software, then reinstall, make sure you have the Lightscribe software installed and that Lightscribe services is running in Start> Control Panel> Adminstrative Tools > Services.

No matter how many times I have told them which has been many that Lightscribe software is installed and running and that I have uninstalled and reinstalled about 15 times, they still send the same broken record email saying that it does support Lightscribe and follow the above instructions.

So I guess that until Nero gets swarmed with complaints they will not do anything to fix the program, in the meantime I use my Nero for other applications but when I want to print a Lightscribe label I use the Sure Thing Program.

If you go to this page you can get the lastest LightScribe software and a basic Sure Thing labeler program for free. LightScribe Software and Sure Thing Basic Labeler

Thanks for info and link - I was looking for a way of getting my basic SureThing to recognise LightScribe (been doing it through Sonic so far)


You would think that if one program recognized it then why doesn’t the others? Confusing :confused: