Lightscribe help

I’ve recently purchase a pc with a lightscribe drive…I never used one b4 so I need some help:

After burning a CD or DVD… I can’t seem to find out how to initiate/start the lightscribe function. There is no (or deosn’t seem to be) any program or anything in regards to this.

  1. How do I use or start the Lightscribe function?
  2. Is there a Lightscribe DVD dual layer disc? … or are these only available in single layer?

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You can also use Nero or Nero for LightScribe.

Here’s a short guide on LigtScribe, perhaps it will help:

LightScribe - how to get started?

I have an HP that also has the LightScribe and I found the operation of it in the dvd/cd burning program itself. I believe there is only a single layer disk available. The LightScribe side of the disk is unburnable, it’s only for the LightScribe so you have to flip the disk over to use the LightScribe function. If you have a cool picture or something that looks pretty good, the LightScribe does look very nice. But, it doesn’t come in color only a goldish brown that is still nice though.

this is a quick message, I’ll update later. I bought an HP burner and the software included was Nero 6.6. Also there was a program called “Surething CD Labeller”. This software works in conjunction with Nero to produce the desired “light scribe” functions. To burn a lightscribe label, you open the Surething program, make your design and click “file/print” and the lightscribe dialoge window opens, and your ready to make the lightscribe design.

can you put colors with HP lightscribe?

If yes how?

thank you.


Sad but no and it is best to change pics used to BLK and WHT then to print!
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As mentioned, no colours with LightScribe as yet…if you want pretty coloured discs, the other alternative is a disc printer. :slight_smile: