Lightscribe Has anybody gotten this to work?

I am not sure this belongs in the Newbie forum but I have been looking at the Benq 1625 DVD burner that has lightscribe technology. has this drive for $55.00, not a bad deal.

I did a search and found a few threads about problems with different lightscribe drives. Has anybody had a good experience with this drive? I love my Pioneer DVR-109 drive but the labeling is a pain. The lightscribe discs are a little more expensive but it may be worth it. Is the quality of the label any good?

Or is the best solution a Inkjet printer that can print directly to the DVD label side?

I would go with a printer maybe a EPSON R200\R300 or i believe the latest out are EPSON R220\R320 but a bit more expensive…

Research any ink jet printers before you buy, I’ve read some take a long time to dry and sometimes smear if not careful.

I went with the Epson 230 and love it so far. They had an epson 220 but the sales person told me that it was going to be replaced completly by the 230. I like the seperate ink cartridges, that way you only replace the ones you use instead of spending big $$$ on a color cartridge just to get a single color. It was $99.00 with a $20.00 mail in rebate. Not bad, So far no smearing problems.

I have a lightscribe dvd burner … the labeling went smoothly, but took about 20 mins to complete … also much of the lightscribe printing isn’t clearly legible as it prints only varying shades of black/gray on a gold disc … being an impatient sort, I’m back to either designing my own stick-on labels with Surething and an Epson C-80 or scribbling necessary info on the discs with a Sharpie

Thanks for sharing your experience with Lightscribe. Twenty minutes is far too long to wait, takes less time to burn the disk. If the finished product isn’t printing clearly then the extra cost of media and time makes this an unacceptable way to label disks.

I have lightscribe and love it. I heard that they are coming out with printed discs soon also for lightscribe burners. Cant wait for those. I wouldnt part with my burner at all. I also have the epson r200:) For back up.

Help me educate myself, I have no experience with Lightscribe, but would consider in the future.
Since you are pleased with your Lightscribe burner, are you saying yours takes less time and the results are acceptable?

If that’s the case, in your opinion, is it the burner or software that is giving the better results than posted by MPH922.

I have the Benq 1625 and the results are pretty much as MPH922 stated. It can take 20 minutes, or even longer depending on the quality you select. I find the quality to be better on CDs than it is on DVDs. I also have an Epson R200 and prefer to use that over Lightscribe.

Thanks for posting your experience and the burner you own,
I’m wondering now if certain burners work better than others, or is it the software for creating the labels?

I did a quick search on Google and found that almost all the media companies are listing the burning as follows:

Disc Title only: 5 minutes
Disc title and track listing: 10 minutes
Full disc label with graphics: <35 minutes

I found this information on the imation website. The limitation is the laser, not the media. This will improve over time, but right now it’s the way it is. Go for the printer.

It is the technology and involves the strength of the laser. The next generation of discks is supposed to have a new coating that will reduce the time it takes to print a disc. Considering the cost of the discs and the quality obtained, I will stick to using my Epson R200 and inkjet printable media.

I Just got a new HP L2000 Laptop with lightscribe and I love it! It does take a little bit longer to make the lable than i expected but since i am not always on my home network with the printed to make lables I use the lightscribe. I have had no problem with the Lable being too light or hard to read.

I am in graphic design and marketing so I like my lables to look like they are real and not somthing I made. With the current program I am having trouble designing lables I am truly happy with. I am sure it is my fault or the limits of the program I am useing. NOT the Lightscribe drive. Does anyone have any suggestions to a good program (free I hope) to design my lables with

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As for the posters who have had Lightsribe discs with graphics not dark enough, I have heard it is possible to darken them by repeating the process two times in a row. Yes, I know, it takes forever to accomplish this, but at least it is possible to do.

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I agree with madmax. You can pickup the Epson R200 for less than $100.00 however; you can now pickup the Epson R320 for less than $150.00. That printer was selling for around $300.00 less than 6 months ago.

I use the R320 and love it. I bet you would to! PS: The price of White Inkjet Hub Printable blank 8X DVD-R’s are pretty cheap.

You can check out the prices for those media at:

The High-Speed White Inkjet Printable sell for about 24 cents each and work like a charm.