Lightscribe getting lighter and lighter - help please!



I don’t know how to explain it exactly. I have burned maybe 40 lightscribed DVD’s. I have upgrade the firmware and the INCREASE contrast software. I burned about 15 DVD the other week - all came out fine, very dark in contrast and looks great - but this week when I went to burn another 5 DVD, they are came out very much lighter then the other ones - even though they are at the same settings. I have it on BEST and the contrast software installed. Any one else experience this? Using HP media and an LG drive.

I should also add : when I burn it twice (without removing the media of course) - I get concentric circle running from the center outwards, so I don’t want to do that anymore.


Are you using the same media as before, or are some 8x and other 16x?

I’m not sure why but I experienced that too!


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There have been a lot of posts here in the last few weeks from people finding LightScribe with poorer contrast and / or concentric rings which look poor in quality.
DVDs will always give less contrast than CDs, but I’m beginning to suspect that LightScribe burners from some manufacturers have poor reliability or life span.

I’m using a LiteOn drive and have had no problems on any media - quite a few of the problems have been on LG drives (from memory).
Not much help to solve the problem, but it might highlight a poor quality drive :iagree:

Anyone else noticing a trend here?

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