Lightscribe faster and darker

I’ve been having some trouble with my new LG GSA-H22L drive, so I picked up a GSA-H12L drive as well.

Comparing the two drives, I’ve found that the H22L burns lightscribe disks quicker (in 29 minutes, vs 32 minutes for a label at ‘Best’ settings). It also burns LS labels slightly darker than the H12L.

With such variation between a manufacturer’s own product line, are there even bigger variations in LS performance between manufacturers?

My GSA-H10L is on par with the 29 minutes timeframe.

I don’t know about the drives themselves, but I know there are noticeable differences between media brands. I had been using HP lightscribe DVD’s and my results were faint, so I’d always have to run them thru twice(even using the extended label contrast utility). However, now I’m using Verbatim and they come out darker the first time, than the HP’s ran thru twice.

Hello dogbait and welcome to the forum.

Actually, the H12x and H22x writers use entirely different chipsets. It’s almost as if they are competing models from different manufacturers. For some reason, LG has two lines of writers, each using one of two different makes of chipsets, each having models with near identical features. Nobody is quite sure why LG does this.

So in a way, it is almost as if you are comparing LS performance between writers from two different manufacturers.