Lightscribe Error

Hey Guys,

New to the forum, but lovin it already! Okay anyway here’s my problem:

When printing LS Labels from Nero Cover Designer 2, it will only print the text and not my picture behind it! :a Not sure what is going on here’s the software and hardware breakdown:

  • Nero Version (Latest as of today)
  • LS Host Software Version
  • Drive: LG GSA-H22L (Firmware 1.00, not the newest)
  • Disc’s: Verbatim LS CD-R’s 52x

I’m also printing a label with SureThing CD/DVD labeler right now. Will update if it works. I have no idea what to try, short of updating firmware. LG’s newest for this drive is 1.02. Any ideas?

EDIT: I have the full Retail copy of Nero installed not an OEM one.
EDIT 2: SureThing CD/DVD Labeler printed the LS Label just fine.

Does anybody else have this problem? I’m going to use the SureThing Labeler for the meantime.