Lightscribe DVDs

ok, so i’m a jerk and tricked you into clicking this thread thinking there might be a deal, but I actually have a question…

there’s not a whole lot of info about lightscribe dvds in here.

what is the average price? who even makes lightscribe? the brands I’ve seen are HP, Verb, and Memorex so I guess that means there’s really only 1 choice. am i missing any others?

do these things ever go on sale? I never see them in ads.

i just got a 1655, and i’m willing to pay reg. price on a few discs just to test them out. It’s killing me inside that I have a new toy and I haven’t finished playing with everything it can do yet :slight_smile:

i’m seeing verb. 8x lightscribe DVD+R 10 pack for $15.99 at best buy. is this an average price? do they follow same media code rules…like will these be MCC?

this may have belonged in the blank media forum, but it’s mostly about deals so i figured i’d put it in here. feel free to move it!

PS, I’m in the US if anyone feels like recommending place sto purchase :slight_smile:

About a month ago, for two consecutive weeks, Best Buy had the 30-pack Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R 8x for US$24.99. They were MCC003, and burned very well like ordinary MCC003 on my BenQ 1655.

Hi :slight_smile:
HP discs are CMC. Verbatim are MCC. The latest Verbatim have improved coating for crisper images. Which means quicker write times. See S.V.P..

the 15.99 for 10 would probably end up a better deal if you factor in shipping (i’m in the US). Do they even ship to the US? doesn’t look it. if my conversions are right, then SVP is charging about the equivalent of $1 per disc.

i’ll just wait for a coupon somewhere i guess. too bad staples cleared out of all their verbs a while back. staples ink coupons are so nice and convenient.

i guess i’m just mainly trying to get a feel for the prices. figures that now that i’m looking for something to go on sale, it won’t for a few months :stuck_out_tongue:

Some HP discs are MCC 003’s. They are kinda difficult to ID without opening the package, but your chances are better if there is only 1 foam spacer instead of three.

Best Buy is once again having the 30-pack Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R 8x for $24.99 this week (4/2/2006).

i bought the hp lightscribe (cmc) when they were on sale @ staples for $15.00 for a 25 pac. used my ink coupon. the burn was great on my 1655, as good or better than the sony ty t02 (+r’s) i have been burning. scan is posted in 1655 forum.

thanks for the heads up. i wish the smaller pack was on sale though. i have no need or use for lightscribe, i just want to play! anyone want to go halves with me?? :slight_smile: has the new Verbatim 16X DVD-R on sale

   25 pack spindle for $12.97
   100 pack for 48.99

   Lord, that is 50 cents per disc

I thought we talking about “LightScribe” DVD discs not just DVD disc look like we are mixing apple and orange. The one in is just regular DVD disc not “LightScribe” disc. For the regular disc amazone price is expensive since you can buy pack of 50 for $14.99 at BB or OM.


You are right TCAS


Everybody, please accept my apology.

Verbatim is coming out with a lightscribe 16X DVD-R soon with
an estimated street price of 40 bucks for a 30 pack.

I thought that is what I found and was so excited I overlooked
the fact it was not lightscribe. If you had not caught that, I might
have ordered some. Thanks. I feel like a real dummy.

Old prostitute saying “You have to pay to play” :stuck_out_tongue: From a movie i saw years ago.

The HP 15 pack is on sale @ Office Max for $8.99. They are worth a try.

If you want you can get the verbatim 10 pack at Walmart for $9.95. That’s what i bought to test with.

Knowing that HP is one the pioneer of “LightScribe” technology their disc for LS may be more reliable than we expect I am going to buy some from OM to try them on.

here’s an hp (cmc) lightscribe on a 1655.

ehhh, i doubt it. i think those are CMC MAG and reliable with lightscirbe or not, they’re still CMC…what good is a pretty disc when it won’t play!

(i know a lot of people have very good results so no offense to them, but my burners + CMC = :Z )

thanks! that’s more the price/quantity i was looking for! is that their reg. price?

Yup. That is the regular price.

I got the Verbs at Best Buy a couple of months ago $7.99/10 pack. I got 4 packs at the price. So far it’s the lowest I’ve seen. I think I’ll give the HPs a try though.

The lowest I’ve seen is the staples clearance sale about 6(!!) months ago,
10 pack 8x lightscribe DVD+R was… $3.50 (Of course I found it from cdfreaks, where else?)
check its quality