LightScribe DVD recorder out



We had a thread on this over at the old runes…

Philips first (and NEC to follow, apparently). Lots of interesting information on the LightScribe methodology in general, and its implementation on this drive.

Seems pretty good for 91 Euros (the Philips), but media availability is another matter. Let’s hope there isn’t a consumables rip-off strategy like with inkjet printers.


At least one retailer now has LightScribe DVD +Rs in stock… £1.00 each, with no mention of media code.


Not bad at all, I imagine the prices will drop in the near future.


HP will probably be CMC. If I recall correctly, CMC is licensed to use the HP name, similair to the deal with Lite-On on the drive names.


Hmmm… I wonder whether Loob will be quite so keen now then.


Loob will be keen when his stock of +Rs runs out, and the drives are to be had for sub-£50…



So that’s when DVD has been superseded then…



I anticipate the drives will be sub-£50 within 3 months.



$95 = £50



91 Euros =£62

If you don’y pay VAT at 17.5% then indeed $95 will equal £50 since US prices are always quoted excluding tax - but only when the exchange rate reaches $1.90 to the £ and since I don’t get the Interbank rate, it’s hard to $1.90 to the £ on a credit card.

Maybe you still have at least 17.5% to go… back to square one?



Not at all. With prices as quoted above, do you really think it will be 3 months before the drives are £50?



I haven’t change my mind since the originating post indicated a 91 Euro price (which, of course, was “square one”).



SVP now have HP branded LightScribe +Rs for 90p each inc VAT (pack of 5). And they’re MC 003s…


And the drives are already under £70…

…by the time my 200 Datawrite JPNR01s run out, they should be £40 or less and the +Rs should be down to 40p each…



Is it true that it takes over 30 minutes to lightscribe a disk?

That’s what I read at:

30 minutes just to print? I think I’ll stick with my TDK. :wink:


We’ll probably have to wait for more advanced “dyes” come out for lightscribe cutting at higher speeds.



Oh, and for the drives which have an acceptable “printing” performance, wait for the (invariably) higher-priced drives to come down (even further) to a level at whiche we are prepared to buy them - assuming the higher-specified media is affordable.

I’ve just bought a colour laser printer and another set of permanent OHP markers.

Horses for courses.



The faster speed Lightscribe media can be supported on the current drives via firmware updates. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see how they’re going to produce colour on these discs. I guess it’ll be the optical equivalent of “scratch ‘n’ sniff”.


Just received an email back from;

Their HP DVD+R discs have the following media code;

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:MCC-003-000]
Manufacturer Name : Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
Manufacturer ID : [MCC]
Media Type ID : [003]

Can be found at: