Lightscribe Dvd-r?

I can’t find LIGHTSCRIBE DVD-R’s. Do they make them.


Does it matter if I use -r’s or +r’s if my intent is to make a disc that will play in any dvd player or computer?

For best results, I recommend you use Verbatim +R media and set booktype to DVD-ROM before burning.

I assume no one makes lightscribe DVD-R’s. Why would that be?

I think the whole booktype thing is over my head. As far as I can tell my software figures out what kind of disc is in and records on that format without my input.

Modern standalone DVD players and computers will be able to play lightscribe DVD+R’s all of the time, correct?

Don’t be intimidated by booktype setting. +R set to DVD-ROM is the most compatible you can make your own discs. Maybe your burner even does it by default. Check a +R disc you made with Nero Toolkit, CD DVD Speed, under the “Disc Info” tab. The second line will show you what it turned out to be, DVD+R or DVD-ROM. If it says DVD+R, download the “Booktype / Bitsetting Utility” from Lite-On’s website and apply it once. It will be stored in the burners chip and your future +R burns will turn out as DVD-ROM.

HP distributes lightscribe DVD-R’s. However, the ones that I have (I haven’t yet burned one) are CMC MAG AE1’s, and CMC varies from batch to batch. The +R’s (specifically the ones that are CMC MAG EO1’s) burn very well in my Benq 1655.