Lightscribe DVD+R media scans...awful


Scanned at 16x
Verbatim DVD+R 16x Lightscribe
Is there anyway to improve these scans?


If you want better scan results, please burn @ no faster than 12X.

The jitter is obviously to blame for the ugly BenQ scan. Have you tried scanning @4X?

I don’t think so - I’ve had similar scans.

There’s something in the high-speed burn that the BenQ drive doesn’t like when scanning, so it shows ugly jitter and PIE. The same disc scaned in a LiteOn drive might show good PIE (as in the example above) and good jitter.

So it’s not necessarily a case of jitter causing high PIE.

I think you choose some bad case I mean some case is very good but some other is very bad because I’m not use Verbatim Media
and I have few good verb media ( no luck ) :confused:
P.S everyone says Vebatim media is very good media… not for me
( I use lots different burner & firmware )

But the jitter spikes correlate so well with the PI/PIF spikes! We need another jitter scan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, 16X MCC has always ever been just a mediocre performer for me as well.

The wavy jitter and PIE are normal for BenQ scans of LiteOn A1 burns :frowning:

Correlation doesn’t equal causation:

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— Stories of the Hidden Wisdom, from the Oral History of Rakis, Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert
As I said above, I don’t see this as high jitter causing high PIE, but rather something else causing both high jitter and high PIE in the BenQ scan.


Oops! I burned the disc at 16x not scanned!

No. I have yet to scan at 4x, but i will…



Here are the 4x scans of Verbatim DVD+R Lightscribe media!


I met the same problem as NBK. :frowning:
Can anyone scan the disk with plextor burner? Comparing with BENQ…

I assume the BenQ scan is not 1ECC?

The burn is @ 16x, that’s why there’s so many more errors. 8x is the best speed IMO.

Jitter does correlate perfectly with the PIE. BenQ drives are sensitive to high jitter.

Solution is to burn slower and see what happens.

@cd pirate
thanks a lot.
burn@8X or 12X is very good.

burn@16X, but scans by 20a1s is also very good.