LightScribe DVD+R Media from Different Brands

Can someone please tell me if there is a difference in image quality from one LightScribe DVD+R brand to another? I mean is there a difference in image quality between a Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R, Memorex LightScribe DVD+R, TDK LightScribe DVD+R and an HP LightScribe DVD+R?

Good question. There are colored ones also. Red,Green,and Yellow i believe. Maybe there are more colors out?

I have HP (CMCMAGAM3) and Verbatim (MCC004) here. I have only used the HP’s so far :doh: so until i do i cannot say. I haven’t even opened the Verbatims yet :rolleyes:

CDan might have the answer. He’s pretty knowledgeable about LS and printable discs.

There isn’t any colour DVD’s as of yet, think they are meant to come out at the turn of the year.

As to the image quality, I haven’t noticed any difference between the MBI, CMC and MCC discs I have used. Just my opinion though.

Is there any difference in the video and audio quality of different Lightscribe DVDs?

Yes, a Verbatim is still a Verbatim, Memorex a memorex, etc.

Well, I wish I knew what the good brands of inexpensive Lightscribe DVDs were–and by good, I mean the recording quality. I consider the Scribing quality secondary.

Verbatim. Or as a second choice, perhaps HP (-R for the HP).

And anything other than those 2, you will be wishing you had bought them instead :iagree:

LOL :bigsmile:

cdrs make no difference they all print perfect.

for dvd verbs prints and burns the best of them all, avoid primeon as they give awfull results (both sides) :Z

tdk and imation prints fine but burns worst than verbs, if u cant find verbs choose hp instread

version 1.0 discs takes more time but prints a lot better than 1.2 buy all u can if available.

if u buy verbs better choose cmc taiwan made than indian moser baers for burning data… (but indian made verbs prints a bit better)

only if taiyo yuden started to do lightscribe i would change verbatim LS. :bow: