Lightscribe Dvd Burner

I’m in the market for a good IDE dvd burner with lightscribe…any suggestions? I would like to have it come with some decent video editing software…if not any recommendations for editing software also? I have been checking out deals on newegg and still not sure and wanted to get some user opinions.

I can recommend you LiteOn LH-18A1H, which is very good reader, decent burner with scanning abilities, 12× DVD-RAM support & Lightscribe.

None of the DVD package come with decent video editing software. Just grab Vegas Video which is very simple and powerful.

thanks for the info…have read reviews of the Samsung SH-S182M…the lightscribe isn’t the fastest and neither is the ripping…looking for one with pretty fast ripping and lightscribe.

LiteOn has fast rippers but as you can see in this forum they are not reliable in recognizing DVD-ROMs.
Every current LightScribe burner has the same speed for labeling, Samsung is not slower than LiteOn.