Lightscribe drives with DVD-R/RW compatibility?

I’ve been having an ongoing battle with a new Samsung SH-S182M drive, which refuses to write reliably to DVD-RW and DVD-R media (Datawrite). I have the same lead-in writing problem as documented elsewhere on these forums. I have tried a variety of different firmware upgrades and solutions as recommended in these forums, but the problem remains. I have occasionally got it to write a DVD-RW disk when I have another DVD writer connected to the same IDE bus, but this is not reliable.

The supplier has now offered me the following options for replacement:
Samsung SE-S184M

Does anyone have any experience of either of these? I’m looking for a Lightscribe drive which is known to be compatible with a wide range of DVD-R/-RW and DVD+R/+RW media.

TIA for any help.

never heard of those , anyway do you really need lightscribe? 20-25 mins just for a single disc a waste of time imo , its better to use cd-dvd printers and print directly/print a standard cover/use a cd-dvd pen , eitherway it takes much less time i honesly dont see whats the hype is all about

It’s having the best of both worlds :wink: I have both printer and LS to print to discs maybe you should too :cool: Aren’t you a CD/DVD Freak?

LiteOn’s latest LightScribe drive (the LH20A1H) looks pretty good so far. The LiteOns I’ve had in the past have done well with mediocre media.

I’d ditch the Datatwrite discs though, and buy some quality media. Verbatim are great, and also make LightScribe discs.

I have 2 LS drives and just got a disc printer, but I haven’t used any of them yet (in the drives’ case, I’ve used them for burning, but not LS) :o

nah dont think ill ever will :doh: , my point is , labeling the discs in the lightscribe way takes much more time then the other ways , i dont see why anyone should waste their time when there are much less time consuming ways to get it done , im sure you could find better things to do then waste your time on lightscribing alot of discs :bigsmile:

Well meet someone that has time to waste :clap: I’m retired and i have time till i die :bigsmile: Shrugs I guess your not a CD/DVD Freak :wink: I can print them and i can LS them. It’s the best of both worlds.

The result from LS does not look as good as that from the printer but it might last longer in the storage.