Lightscribe drive won't read cd's

I have found that several of my data cd’s can no longer be read. The little green light flashes very rapidly and applications trying to read the disk stop responding. The disks are Memorex CD-R and I have pasted a Fellows label on the front of the disk. Does anybody know what is happening? Are the disks deteriorating? Are the labels a problem? Is there a way to recover my data? The data is a mixture of text, PDF, and downloaded application files. I evidently did something wrong and do not wish to repeat whatever it was.

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Depending on how old the discs are, could be a bit of both deterioration and the labels.

Labels are a really, REALLY bad idea anyway (see this Sticky thread for further opinions/proof).

You can try using a LiteOn or Samsung drive (if you don’t own either, see if a friend does), in conjunction with ISOBuster or ISO Puzzle to see if you can retrieve any of your data.

Back in the day, I lost several important CDRs, due to using paper labels on them. It was a harsh lesson to learn, and I never did it again. :wink: