Lightscribe drive question

Basic question (I think)
Do the lightscribe drives use ink when making a DVD/CD cover/label?



If I Remember Correctly (IIRC), Lightscribe is supposed to use the drive’s laser to burn the image onto a Lightscribe media. Of course, it will not burn an image onto regular media that isn’t “lightscribe” designated. Otherwise, I had read that some people using Lightscribe got a fairly good burned image with 1 pass, but had to let it do 2 passes to be really distinct and sharp.

so there is nothing that will ‘run out’ and need refills, etc… for this drive…correct?

Yes, no ink or similar included here.

Ok thanks…
…so it sounds like I’ll need certain ‘lightscribe’ dvd’s and cd’s that will work with this type drive??

No, Dmac, although the “Lightscribe” media is significantly higher than regular SL (Single Layer) media, so you’ll notice that when you compare prices between regular SL media and Lightscribe media.

Yes, and IIRC, HP should sell Lightscribe media, since they came out with Lightscribe first. I do not know if anyone else manufactures Lightscribe media yet, but I imagine the HP Lightscribe media will say “Made in Taiwan” on the outside label of the spindle somewhere, meaning the mid (who really made it) will be CMC-MAG something…

Can anyone direct me to find instructions on ho to enter text onto the cd template
for lightscribe. I have imported the logo I want but am having a hard time entering song text and how to do this. Can anyone help me?

is the lightscribe the only type of drive that does this?.. is there another and if so which is better?

There are new drives coming out that are supposed to use a newer labeling technology called “LabelFlash” IIRC, but I could not tell you which drives those are. However, if you search for “labelflash” on the search in the forum, I know you’ll find at least one thread on it. :wink:

nec do a thing called labelflash on the 4551a drive… do a search im sure theres a thread somewhere about which is better.

Currently they are NEC drives: the ND-3551A and the ND-4551A, if I am not wrong. :slight_smile: The ND-3550A and the ND-4550A are the corresponding drives without LabelFlash.

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Verbatim also produces LightScribe media. BenQ, LG and HP are the only manufacturers I know that support LightScribe.

LabelFlash is something supported by Yamaha and NEC only. It also works with certain LabelFlash DVDs only, but its advantage is that it can also write on the data side of a DVD (if you burn 50% of a DVD for example, you can use the remaining 50% of the space for a logo or a text written with LabelFlash).

With lightscribe, if i have done one pass and i pop the cd out then put it back in and do another pass, will it be spot on? or should i do the double pass in one go?