Lightscribe drive on normal discs?



What would happen if i used a lightscribe burner to burn a picture on a standard blank dvd, not ones which are meant for lightscribe drives?


The burner would simply refuse to do that. :slight_smile:

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ok thanks


Would it attempt the label if I first used a printer to print the alignment bar code on the disc? (Not that there is any practical purpose if I have a printer anyway)


You cannot burn a LightScribe label onto media that doesn’t have the special LightScribe coating - not matter what you do!

Whether you can trick the drive into thinking, that a disc is a LightScribe disc even when it’s not, is beside the point - if you should somehow manage to trick the drive, which I don’t think is likely, you would not get a label on that disc anyway and you might damage your drive.

If you want to burn LightScribe labels you have to get LightScribe media!


Yup, Lightscribe discs have an extra coating, you may could say special top layer…