Lightscribe drive not reading one DVD

Ok, hopefully I’m posting this into the right category. If not, I apologize.

A new PC with a Lightscribe DVD drive can’t read one specific kind of disc, that is Half-Life Anthology on DVD. Two original copies have been tested, but neither of them works with the drive in question. Windows’s Explorer can’t list the files on the disc, and Windows just displays the hourglass until the disc is ejected.

However, both of these two discs work properly with two other PCs.

Also, the PC, that has problems reading the HL Anthology discs, can read other CDs and DVDs fine. At least a movie DVD, a game DVD and a game CD have been tested, and all of them worked fine.

What could cause this? Could the drive be somehow defective even if it can read most discs just fine? Or this some sort of a copy protection issue?

Thanks for your answers!