Lightscribe drive and karaoke / cdg



Hi all,

I was looking at the lightscribe drives (the HP DVD Writer 640i and the BenQ DW1625 are examples) and wondered if anyone has run infotool on them.

I’m specificallly wanting to know if they do CD+g disks for karaoke machines.

I can’t find anything on google as they’re reletively recent drives, the forum search has plenty of cdg and lightscribe info but no overlap.

The philips dvdr16ls does do cdg disks, <a href=“”>infotool here</a>
and is also a lightscribe drive.

Can anyone who has the hp or benq drives run a quick infotool and see if the cdg is available please?


Oh, hang on. The BenQ seems to support CD-graphics (I assume this is the same thing?)


Most DVD-ROM/RW drives will read CD-gs but will not burn them. If any of the burners will it would be a plextor. You might check thier web page.


Went out and bought the drive, infotool says it /does/ do cdg.

<img src=“” alt=“HP DVD 640i infotool”>


It may read cd+g but will it write cd+G?


Just talked to my brother-in-law ( he has about 8 plextors) and he said the plextor 712 and 716 will copy cd-g disc to disc or HD to disc.


What you are REALLY looking for is DAO 96, this drive HP DVD WRITER 640c firmware ES04 is compatible if it reads and will do DAO 96 as seen in blue fonts in the writing section of the nero screen capture on post #4.
I use Nero6 and just select COPY DISC, make sure to set under the READ OPTIONS tab Fast copy settings : “Karaoke CD” and also under the BURN tab in WRITE METHOD set it to “Disc-At-Once/96” this will allow for Cd-g/Text and Cd Extra mixed mode discs.
Good luck! I also have used the Lite-on LTR-52246s firmware 6SOF and BTC IDE1008 firmware 0357