Lightscribe contrast questions

Before I purchased a lightscribe drive, I took a look around the web at pictures of discs created with lightscribe. They looked pretty sweet so I just picked up an LG.

Is it actually possibly to get the kind of results seen here, or are these images enhanced? I’m not coming close to this. My blacks are more of a grey. I’ve used Verbatim and Memorex CD-Rs.

These are larger images so I wont embed them:

Use best quality, two times.

And I do not think the results were quite similar even if you use 4-pass writing; I also read that the images tend to pale in about a year or more and this concerns me most.

There is an Extended Label Contrast Utility at the site. It lengthens the time to make a label. I’ve installed it, but haven’t actually used it, yet.
This utility works only if your LightScribe Host software is V (Normally located at C:/Program Files/Common Files/LightScribe).

I got my Host software at SureThing’s web site, and it is V An e-mail to the support site got me the ELC Utility for that version, e-mailed to me, since they haven’t posted it yet. As explained at the LightScribe site, each time the Host software is updated you must go back for an updated ELCU.

Works only for DVD not on CD.

Something that I didn’t even notice. So much for making darker burns on the LightScribe CD’s that I bought today. :doh:

I’m note sure if this ist important for the better contrast:

Today Ibought a few Verbatim DVD +R Lightscribe media. This media are specified for 16x burns. My old one where specified for 8x burns. The new media are labled with “media version 1.2 / faster labeling on all lightscribe drives”. Maybe the new 1.2 media are necesary for higher contrast.

The ring on the lightscribe side looks very similar to the old media, the only difference is that the small ring for the positiion marking is half covered with the chemistry on the data burning side and the other half not.

If pictures are needed I’d make some shots with my digicam…

Here some Lightscribe Results using Verbatim DVD+R and the ELCU:

Computer original:
Surething Screenshot ~228kb

Picture compressed ~42kb
Large Picture ~1.4MB

I think it is a good result!