LightScribe CDR media is ready to roll

Thought some might be interested to know. :smiley:

Thanks to some guys, got my sample piece a few days back. Actually no big deal since all I can do now is to doodle on the label side with my kids’ crayons lacking the actual hardware to make use of it. :smiley:


That was taken with yr hp rite? :stuck_out_tongue:

yup, quick and blurry snap done an hour ago under rather poor room lighting (night time).

It would be interesting to see what the ATIP of that disc is… :wink:

What is this technology? People have been putting labels on CDs for years now. Sorry to be so dense :confused:


They claim to be using some sort of dye on the label side, so I wonder if it’s waterproof.

Even though it’s monochrome, it would be a good way to get away from expensive inkjet ink. I want to try one of these out IRL and see if the results really are as good as shown on the LightScribe site.

Part of me wants this technology to suck because I have a big investment in inkjet printable media, but ultimately more competition and better technology are a superior goal.

It’s CMC dye. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… saw some at Frys’ Electronics today.
Made in Taiwan. Same as MacClippers’ pic.

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like DiscT@2 the Yamaha drives had only that its on the other side of the disc and that it can be done with any Drive ???

No, I thoought the same thing. But to me it doesn’t seem worth it, how long will it take to burn a full label??? Long time I should think.

Wow, i see it’s on retail in the States already.

Actually this is a great idea, specially for those of us that do labels. Now we can make laser like labels on our dvd’s and never have to worry about the label/dvd read problem. I know myself I have had quite a few issues with inkjet lables causing dvd’s to stop being read. And once the labels were removed, I could read the discs perfectly fine. I for one welcome our new laser writing overlords!

It is a very cool idea, but as mentioned before, I probably won’t use it if it takes a long time. Plus it will never be as speedy as the all-mighty sharpie, just much prettier:)

Well, I can personally tell you that it’s not totally bad, the labeling is actually slower than I expected. Took 19 minutes to do the label on the below CD and only 3 minutes to burn the 650mbs of pictures from our storage drive to backup CDR of the kiddos.

This HP model: CDRW: 40x24x40x, DVD±RW: 16x4x16x was $99 + tax. The quality on the labeling is awesome. Much better than I expected, however this image doesn’t really contrast the actual quality from the digital cam. Shows up lighter than it actually is. It’s pretty nifty, but prolly will be much easier to write with less time if it didn’t have all the contrasting colors and pixels from a more plain image.

I must say I wonder why anyone would wait for almost 20 minutes to get a print result like lightscribe seem to give.
Maybe future drives will be faster printing, otherwise it seems like a flop technology to me anyway.

Whats wrong with printable inkjet CD/DVD?

BenQ DW1625 review, HWZ.

DW1625 now retailing in SG, got mine yesterday and just did my 1st LS burn.

LightScribe - Step by step in photos.

Get drive from BenQ, IT Show 2005.

Get media from Disc Shop.

Find Monica.

Fire up Nero.

Preview Monica.

Burn Monica.

And here’s Monica in sepia.


That Lightscribe disc looks great MacClipper!
Cdfreaks takes a look at Philips DVDR16LSK Lightscribe drive.