Lightscribe CD/DVD Burners set to Hit the Consumer Market Next Month

Consumer versions of the laser-labeling drives are scheduled for release in January, 2005, according to HP:

There hasn’t been much posted on Lightscribe technology here in over 6 months, so I wondering if anybody has heard any rumors about Lightscribe-enabled drives being made availble from major optical drive manufacturers. Here’s who’s licensed, so far:

Pretty nifty technology, which supposedly only requires a firmware revision to make a burner capable of labeling the new Lightscribe disks.

Oh nice, but which current burners will get this upgrade?

Lite-on, Philips, Toshiba and LG bought a license…

Kewls…now if NEC would get head out of a@@ i’d be set :stuck_out_tongue:

I am willing to bet on that nobody releases firmware upgrades that enables this on drives already on the market. After all, said companies paid a license and they want that fee back hundredfold. And NEC is the last company that would spend any money on the end user :wink:

I bet your right Airhead. It’s all about the money! mo money mo money

HP will have them very soon…

I am supposed to attend an online conference today demoing usage and detailing specifics.

Alas a 4 hour drive to see family prevents this :sad:

I will see if it gets archived and dig up what i can…

This is a cool feature, but certainly hope mfgs has a firmware upgrade instead of the consumer buying a new DVD-RW drive.

Just grabbed a HP Lightscribe 700MB 52x CDR sample. It’s made by CMC. No drive no s/w yet thr. :sad:

From what I understand, these first generation lightscribes will only print in greyscale…think I’ll wait a few months to see if it takes off.

I wont buy one untill they print at least some colour.

Ben :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s a silly concern, but will the LightScribe feature damage/reduce the quality of the written data/video/music to any extent in general or in cases like cheaply manufactured meda or burner?

I’m also wondering the same thing?

I’d like to see a full-time demo video.

Know what would be REALLY COOL? If something like this lightscribe technology was developed that could burn holographic images onto the tops of cd/dvd’s! Now that I would buy. (If I could afford it!)

2-D in black and white is already very time-consuming. :sad:

Anyone in the know?


^ above post is not related…

BenQ will be coming soon with a LightScribe Drive

Me thinks this post is spam. :Z
Back to post, it does suck that you might have to buy a new drive!!! :Z :Z HP