LightScribe CD Covers

Gday guys, Just wondering what are the best sites for cd covers? Also im currently using Nero Cover Designer to lightscribe my discs, is their a tutorial on how to use it like adding photos from your computer as a lightscribe print? thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

oh yeh also i noticed when i lightscribe user nero cover deisgner it says failed…Only half fo the disc is lightscribed then it cancels… anyone know why??

anyone? :slight_smile:

did i post this in the wrong section guys? :slight_smile:

Sites with music CD covers have been hunted in the past by RIAA and similar organizations and forced to remove such content, so not much out there now I think.

DVD movie covers is another matter, and you can find most covers at sites like They used to have lots of CD covers BTW, but had to remove the music CD covers.