Lightscribe burner opinions

well my burner has finally died…since the blank dvd’s i buy at sams club are printable by lightscribe anyway…I’m considering picking up a lightscribe burner. I burn a serious amount of dvd’s and wouldnt want anything to get in the way of reliable burns. So I’m curious if anyone has any opinions or advice they’d like to share.

Opinions on lightscribe = too slow for serious labelling. And since you burn a serious amount of DVDs (if you’re serious then I’m excessively serious :p) I wouldn’t recommend it. 30mins for a somewhat blurry label that’s limited to monochrome doesn’t justify the cost nor the time it takes. So while you’re done burning and verifying 4 discs, you’ve just finished scribing a single DVD. [B]Not good.[/B] And you can’t scribe one disc and burn another without having more than one drive - I have 2 lightscribe-capable drives and they’re still not fast enough at scribing to cope with a single burner’s output.

If you’re really serious about labelling, get an inkjet printer that’s capable of CD/DVD printing. Many consider the quality of inkjet discs from good brands as some of the best. Lightscribe discs are good too, but since they’re too slow I encourage serious users to go the inkjet printing way. I’d seriously say that the old farts of the forum are behind me on this one. :wink:

thank you, there is no way I could pause for 30 minutes while burning a label. It would drive me crazy and I’d never get enough done…thanks so much

No problem. :wink: I still have quite a number of Lightscribe discs that I’ve yet to find time to utilize (or someone to sell to) - I’ve been having tons of fun with inkjet printables and my CD/DVD printer. :smiley: