LightScribe: any solution?

Hi everybody!
I’m creating an app derived from NeroFiddles C# that it burns data on CD/DVD parsing an XML job file. That’s automating the distribution of media much better than the ordinary Nero jobs…
The final touch (but it’s not an aestethic reason!) is to burn the other side of the disc also via LightScribe. Each disc should be marked with its serial number, logo and some text. Via CoverDesigner it is possible but it is also a long trip (and possibility of errors).
I’ve started a short C# app using the LightScribe API (LSCAPI.Dll) and it seems working fine for detection of info, but I really can’t able to start the PrintPreview/PrintDisc functions.
At this point my question are some options:

  1. Is it possible to have any hint about using these methods?
  2. Is it possible to have any (brief) reference about that API?
  3. Does anyone know why the LightScribe stuff should be available only for an “elite” of huge companies (annual revenue >= $1M)?
  4. Anyone knows any other SDK for Light-scribing disc labels?
    Thanks a lot to everybody!..

I am also trying to create c# app for lightscribe. can u please guide me
thank you

Thnks for replying

I have already downloaded those sdk. But they are in C++. I am trying to work with them but i m facing problem. So if there are any wrapper classes created in C#, then it would be better.

Thanks bye the way

I’ve had some troubles with it myself, thus I now released a C# wrapper for LightScribe to the public. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hi, i’ve been working with LightScribe SDK and I would like to change the language of the SDK provided form. Is that possible?

Hi, does anyone know how to determine if a media is lightscribe-enabled with nero sdk or windows sdk imapi? Or is it even possible to do that? …
The ligthScribe SDK provides limited features, which tells only whether your drive is lightScribe-enabled. I need to know if the media type is supported before launching the print process, so please help!

well, LSCAPI.Dll is the solution, and very easy to use.