LightScribe 2.0, question!

I’m reading some interesting threads about lightscribe, as i decided to buy a liteon lh-18A1H dvd burner.

Sometimes happens users speaks about lightscribe 1.2, sometimes about 2.0.

  1. Wich are the differences? I googled but did not find anything.
  2. The difference concer the device or with a firmware upgrade i can achieve compatibility with new standards?

Have not heard of 2.0, but the 1.2 is is, I believe, a newer form of media that allows for faster label burns but with lower quality that the 1.0 media.

They have released a Contrast Enhancement Utility for those folks who don’t like the loss in quality and don’t mind the extra time it takes to get a better quality burn.

Ohhh, so, this is strange, newer version, worst quality. I have another question for you (OT question, but i see you are owner of a liteon, so maybe you can answer me): why on this page

There are two " * "?

What’s your opinion about them?

SmartBurn seems to work fine, but I have not tested Smart-X much.

I will say this - I got a 165H6S and really, really like it. Burn quality is fine on my Verbatims, it is fast, quiet, compatible. I would not hesitate to recommend one.

Ok, so you suggest me to go to the shop and order the dvd-rw, without knowing about those 2 " * ".

In many cases some “*” ignored makes real difference in everyday life :slight_smile:

I would not suggest such a thing, no. If they are important to you, by all means, take the time to explore what they are and how they work and then make your decision.

I just got some HP 16x 1.2 media without fully realizing what I was getting, and I think this sucks–I was already using the ELCU on the 1.0 media, so I’m still seeing a loss in quality. No wonder OfficeMax had it on sale while keeping the 8x 1.0 media at regular price…

Sorry about that. I can’t even FIND any 1.0 media at my local stores.

But if I take the time to burn the 1.2 media TWICE with the ELCU active, I get pretty decent results, even if it does take forever.

I dunno - if Verbatim comes out with no-smear, no-smudge print-on media (like Imation has with AquaGuard) then I might give that a try and get a new Inkjet that can print directly on CD/DVD’s.

Lightscribe just takes too long. Plus, the DVD’s look strange.

Maybe I’ll have to try burning twice, wow. Thanks for the tip.

When you burn twice, do you get circular lines that are not part of the original picture and were not there after the first burn?

Burning the label side twice with the exact same image should give you exactly the same image in exactly the same place, only darker. No other items or entities should be present in the image, I believe. :slight_smile:

Have you ever heard of the problem / do you know if it would be a burner, a media or a software problem?

Never heard of it, but I’m fairly new to Lightscribe.

I use SureThing 4 SE (free from the Lightscribe site) and I think that’s my fave app for labels with Lightscribe.

Got any scans / pics of the problem?

not yet, but I’ll try to post one tonight

I feel like I’m hijacking a thread, if you want to discuss my problem, you can find it under “lightscribe burn marks”

thank you very much

The one in the Newbie forum, perhaps…

We’ll let you off this time ;)…