Lightscribe 1040i Xp problem



Hi i installed my HP 1040i dvd burner on my pc with window xp home, but the burner wont read HP DVD+R blank dvd. It will only recognize the dvds as blanks Cd’s.

I already tried to install it on two different xp pc and wouldn’t work. But when i installed it on my Vista pc it worked just fine.

So the error is with window xp but i do not know how to correct this. Is there and drivers i would need? Ide driver? Please help.

I tried updating the drivers through window update but is said there up to date the driver’s date is 7/1/2001 all the ide connector are firmly in place and the burner is on master jumper.


Using Code Kings flasher…
Flash that dvd drive… to what it really is a Lite On - DH20A1H

and then try it… Hp’s native firmware sucks donkey balls…