Light's on but blank dvd in drive

Hi I am fairly new to DVDs. I have had mine for about 6 months but never bothered to buy any blank discs. I don’t think I could have burned them on my little 433 mhz Emachine. It has taken about a month and 3 motherboards but I finaly have a decent system going.

I could realy use some help with a problem I can’t find the answer to anywhere. My son is having the same problem on his computer. I have a Toshiba SD-R5112 DVD/CD rom/r/rw. When I put in a blank DVD (TDK DVD+R) the light, on the front of the DVD blinks for a while then stays on without blinking until I pull the blank one out. When I try to burn a DVD the program says drive is busy. Windows Explorer says the drive needs to be formatted. I would be gratefull for some help. Thanks. :bow:

Maxtor 92305U 20 gig hd C and D
Maxtor 5000dv v USB bus 120 gig hd E
Samsung SV0432D 5.3 gig hd I
Matshita CD-cw-75885 master R/W
Toshiba DVD-Rom SD-R5112 slave
Intel D865PERL mother board. Pentium 4 2.8
XP Pro with SP1. All Critical updates and drivers updated
All-in-Wonders Video card 9600
512mb of Kingston 333 PC2700 Ram
256mb 333 PC2700 Ram

The Toshiba SD-R5112 does not support DVD+ media. You have to use DVD- media with it.

Thanks Jssilva
I could not find that info anywhere. You would think that that would be info that Toshiba would provide at their site. I guess I need to make changes their…My son will be happy also…He is getting the same thing with his DVD…thanks again…what fun!