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Hello, Lightning UK!

In the settings of DVDDecrypter (file mode) is a new option: “Patch M2V Timecode” (which is surprisingly enabled by default!).

Is this setting important for DVD2One? Or should it be turned off because it could lead to problems of some kind? Could you please explain?

Thanks, S.


That option is only used when you demux the streams. For DVD2one you need to copy files in whole, so it is not used. Also I recommend you use V3.1.4.0 of DVD Decrypter, this version seems to have the least problems in combination with DVD2one.



Thanks for the explanation, Erwin.

Although I have to say that I’ve never had any problem with version It seems it works just OK for most of the people.

BTW, can you maybe share some info about your new, quality-improved 1.2 version of DVD2one? How is it going along? Can a release be expected soon?



Hmmmmm… well… probably not… :wink:


Well they’ve managed roughly monthly releases so far and the last was April 23rd so you never know. :slight_smile: