Lightning UK, where are you?



After the recent shutdown of DVD Decrypter, I would like to hear it straight from you. I just read this article and I need to know if it is bogus so I can spread the word warning people about it.


I wouldn’t go to the mentioned website.


Seems ok to me? Just bogus post from some guy hosting DVD Decrypter pretending to be LUK.


We already determined that the website mentioned is a fake. Too bad there are still people who post this kind of information while not checking first! If you are in contact with the website publisher please ask him to pull that message and link down!


Sorry man, I looked a few posts down in this forum and didn’t see any mention of it. I just wanted to confirm for sure. Please close the thread and delete the link if it will prevent further conflicts.


It’s soooo obviously that it is fake. First, Lightning UK does know that “C+” is bogus, second he is using fewer exclamation marks. People, use your mind! The thing on top of your neck isn’t there for nothing…


I can’t believe people are stupid enough to be conned by such an obviously bogus site. Someone even added it to DVD Decrypter’s Wikipedia article, although I guess it could well have been the fraud himself.

Mental note never to believe anything posted at


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