Light Ring In Burn

Quick question… every so on(something like 1 in 15) i get a burn where about half way through theres a light ring on the disc.Its like the burn on the dye starts of nice and dark, then about half way along it goes a tad lighter then goes back dark.So when looking at the bottom of the disc theres a light ring.It dont effect teh playback of games.Just curious to why i get this light ring every so often.

The disc have the ritek dye, there ether the ritek branded disc(purple top) of the datasafe ritek discs.

Perhaps you are referring to the burnt dye! By definition, the dye is the heat-sensible part of the disk; the one that gets burned by the laser. Due to its sensibility to heat its color gets changed when heat is applied.

If you burn a disk by 100% the entire dye will change color and you probably won’t see the difference; however if you burn a CD by 50% you should be able to see the difference between the written and the other part of the disk. The same applies to DVD+/-Rs, and is more noticeable on disks which have their dye blue- and purple-colored. It is more difficult to see the difference on a green, yellow-like dye (like TDK’s one).

Sorry to take so long to reply but i kinda forgot.I understand the dye changing colour, but what i mean is, say i burn a disc and its 4.36GB, the colour changes like it should to a light purple, but at around the 2GB mark the colour goes a slight darker shade of colour as if the burn got a little weaker, its just a ring , but this has only seemed to happen on xbox games, ive burnt a couple of films and ps2 games and they have burnt complete, its just the odd xbox game that does it, and only happens at the 2GB mark, the games play fine though.
Its kinda hard to explain it, i did try to take a photo but i just could get a good photo.

Burner Pioneer A05
Ritek G04 Discs I always use these discs now problems before,different brand though, Ridisc.Normally use The Ritek branded purple tops.
Programs burnt with Record Now Max(tryed with alcohol and has the same resultd)

usually you see it when your dvd writer shifts speeds using CLV mode up from lets say 4x to 6x to 8x. If you write in CAV mode you usually do not see it. It has no bearing on if you have a good burn or not. I have seen good burns with rings and bad burns with no rings.

I see thanks.How to i find out and change wether its writing in CAV or CLV ?? also is one better than the other?

The write speed cant really shift up as its a X4 burner burning at 4.Plus i cant only really see it with xbox games,they work fine though.

Thanks once again, at least i know its not my burner or bad media.

I just read some info on these two, so where that light ring is on the disc is about the point where the motor speeds up thats why the the light ring seems to always be in the sam space.