Light on front of my BenQ1655?

Hi everyone! :wink:
When burning a movie the light on the front blinks which is different then say my Pioneer 111D’s or my Nec 3550’s or Nec 2550’s the light on them stays on till done, is this a issue with BenQ1655’s or just mine I should be concerned with?
Also it seems even though it is a 16X it burns them slower then my others as well? Issue or not? Love the lightscribe and quality it produces some with all the new updates and printing 2 times or 3 wow looks great!
I use it for our own backup burn copies of our family movies.
Our productions are all printed on our Primera Pro Bravo 2’s and also use a few Epsons R220,R320 from time to time for freebies we throw in with big orders of my movies :wink: !
But anyhow any idea’s and help is great just bugs me.
Thanks so much, Jenni :flower:

Hi Jenni, it is normal for BenQ drives to have the LED indicator on when a media is inserted.

Also it seems even though it is a 16X it burns them slower then my others as well?
How slow? What is the firmware?

In any case, I’d suggest to burn 16x media at 12x for the best quality/speed ratio.

Firmware is BCGB although if you go to BenQ they show newest as another but tried it and it said mine was newest and so I left it! I am using 8X phillips Lightscribes for our own movie backups and TY 16X printables in white and also the silver printables for my production DVD’s!
But it blinks during burns and when doing the lightscribe my others come on and often stay on through burns and copy’n!
Thanks Jenni :slight_smile:

This is the latest fw for 1655

Well thank you very much for the firmware update addie! Wonder why BenQ does not have that on the US site!
Thanks Jenni :smiley:

Here is all the firmwares on the global site. (click here)
And here is for the BenQ 1655: click here or direct link.

You can also subscribe to this thread: Post new BenQ / Philips firmware ANNOUNCEMENTS here so if there is new firmware posted you will be notified.

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