Light Keeps Blinking (Sony DRU-510A DVD burner)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-510A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello…
I am new here… I have read the rules… I am on dial up and its a country life thing.
I have been playing with computers since 95. I am at a loss to figure out how to correct this problem. No time to search the 500 pages to review on dial up.
I am running an updated Windows XP Pro system. Updated as in keeping my system clean and running well… I can learn anything so please just lead me to what I need to access. Thanks…

I have a Sony DRU-510A DVD burner that I have been using faithfully over the past few years. It has never had any problems before this.

After trying to burn a dvd with Nero, there was an error message during the burning process that said something like writing failed and cannot continue. I closed the frozen program and it asked me are you sure you want to end this program it could cause system to become unstable. I said yes because I needed to use the computer. Anyway, the drive stopped responding. When you press the eject button, it does not eject. I had to use the emergency eject hole to get the dvd out. Also, the orange light continues to blink even with no cd or dvd in it.

After i restarted, there is still no response from the dvd drive when the eject button is pressed and when you go to my computer, and select eject form the menu, that does not work either. And, again, the orange light is ALWAYS blinking. My other Lite on drive still works fine except you have to go to my computer and click eject to get it to open. Weird. Everything in device manager indicates its all working just fine.

I also noticed that now in device manager, the drive is now labeled SONY BOOT DRU-510A, it never said boot before, so that is something different as well. My warranty has expired for this drive so there is nothing left for me to do. Can it be salvaged somehow?

I have tried everything from taking it out, checking jumpers, unplugging re plugging and putting back into my computer. Nothing seems to get it to stop blinking and eject. Also, when I use the emergency eject and place a cd or dvd in it, the drive does not read it, just keeps blinking and has no response.