Hello i was told buy pc that my new burn had lightscrible (shm-165p6s) my drive is a liton super all writer shm-165p6s and when i go into Nero and try and find a lightscrible drive its unable to find any drives

please advise

thank you


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I also have the 165P6S drive, and it’s not a LightScribe drive :disagree:

Have a look in Device Manager at the model name again - the 165H6S is the LightScribe equivalent. :wink:


yes its definatly 165P6S i have but not too fused about lightscrible



Ah that’s OK then. You’re welcome BTW :slight_smile:


also while im here has anyone noticed any problems with ridisk dual layer and this burner


Ridisc dual layer isn’t very good quality. The best ones to go for are Verbatim +R DL.

You may or may not get coasters with the Ridisc, it’s a bit of a “lucky dip” with those, I’m afraid.


i bought some and all they did was make a clicking sound in drive


Lucky lips. :bigsmile:

Ridisc can be rather good =RICOHJPND00, or real crap =CMC MAG D01. Go for Verbatim’s as suggested. :wink:


any one know what could have caused the clicking noise


anyone know where i can get good dual layer disks for a good price

Thank you everyone for all your help


Buy Verbatim brand only. Where do you live? The Bargain Basement forum here has some posts for good deals. If you live in USA you can look at sunday ads.


i live in leed united kingdom


SVP, page 2 :slight_smile:

[I]Edit[/I], ooops got wrong link at first.

#14 for online purchases, or you can find Verb DL in PC World. My choice would be SVP :slight_smile:

Edit: beaten by pinto :bigsmile:


Thank you