Liggy's or Mad Dog firmware for bookmark bitsetting on ND-3500

Should I upgrade the firmware (2.18) on a ND-3500 to Liggy’s 3500 bitsetting 2.1A or Mad Dog 2.FD or another? I want to gain bitsetting.
What is the difference or advantage of one over the other? My understanding is Liggy’s bitsetting FW uses the bitsetting portion of Mad Dog FW to modify NEC FW which results in Liggy’s bitsetting firmware. Is this right?

Also, did NEC withdraw 2.1B firmware. 2.1A is the most current firmware listed on their two web sites

2.1B was listed recently but not for the last week or more.
:slight_smile: Thanks for any insight you can offer.

It’s quite strange site… I found this:
I suggest using Liggy modified 2.1B which can you find here: - not the one tagged with “new”, but in “modified firmware” section -

Thanks for the feedback, Madman.

I am looking for why Liggy’s FW is better than MadDog since they both do bitsetting (and that is the only feature I want to gain). MadDog FW is written by NEC. Is it maybe safer and more reliable? Does Liggy’s 3500 bitsetting FW 2.1b do something more or better than MadDog 2.FD.

I appreciate the work and generocity from Liggy and all the firmware modifiers. Binflash is a BIG help. Riplock patching is great, especially for those who need it. I use a JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM for ripping and it is fast enough for me.

Can anyone who has used both, or knows more about both, help me out? I have read hundreds of posts and done many searches - but I can not find info to compare the two firmwares.

Thanks :bow:

2.1b firmware is - in my opinion - better, because it has newer writing strategies for nearly all media types.

Newer writing strategies usually only affect few media. It often doesn’t change on well established media like MCC or TY.

If the results with MadDog firmware are OK for racer444 then there’s no need to change.