Liggy's NEC Drive Converter - ND-4550A

Is there any purpose of using the subject utility available at to change the internal drive ID of my Mad Dog MD-16X3DVD9-8X drive to an NEC ND-4550A drive before I flash with an NEC firmware, or is this ONLY to allow -R support, which I already have?

If I just burn an NEC firmware (either stock .bin or modified), will the drive appear to be a true NEC to my Windows XP computer?

If it is useful to change the internal ID to ND-4550A, can it be changed back to the Mad Dog ID?

I’m new to the newer NEC drives, and I’m researching the steps I need to perform before firmware flashing. I’ve already backed up my existing FW.

Ford Man

There is no need for to use the drive converter for this. Pick the firmware from our site. If its a speed modified firmware, Binflash is packaged with the firmware. If you wan’t a bitsetting firmware without speedups. Download Binflash and the .BIN file of your choice, and use Binflash to flash your drive.

Thanks. I will stick with the 1.07 NEC firmware with the bitsetting feature for now (no need yet for RPC1 firmware). Once I understand what the enhancements are, I will look into the speedup versions. I saw the chart on your site with the write strategy version numbers, but I need to find out what those version correspond to.

Thanks again!