Liggy's ND7550 Bitsetting Firmware 1.AE master or slave?

Hi people,

I just need to know one thing:

Is Liggy’s ND7550 Bitsetting Firmware 1.AE for normal (Master)
or reverse (Slave) ATA ??? The description says nothing about
that. I want to flash it into my ND-7550A which is running in
normal (Master) mode.

thanks for Help

If I remember correctly, 1.AE should be a master firmware. But the latest Binflash versions will detect this automatically and refuse flashing if it doesn’t match your drive’s bootcode.

where can i get the slave firmware?
my nec 7550a was a master drive. operating system recognized it but bios didn’t, so no boot from cd. i used the slave bootcode flasher, firmware 1.p1 and the drive works correctly. a week ago i bought a dvd pack (100 pieces) but this drive do not recognize most of them (nero says illegal disc). is there a new firmware that solves this issue?